High Performance Coaching & Training

In todays world I believe it is important to support people and organisations in achieving their potential by being aligned with their purpose. High performance means succeeding beyond standard norms, consistently over the long term while maintaining well-being and positive relationships. As a certified High Performance Coach™️ I help individuals to push beyond their comfort zone, achieve their potential and to sustainably meet high demands.


Meet Silvia 

The majority of my 20+ year career has been in Marketing & Communication, PR and Sponsorship within demanding international organisations.

I have had the privilege to be part of  purpose driven organisations who strongly focus on people development and on creating high performance teams, which sparked my interest into personal and professional development. I became a high performance coach™ so that I can inspire individuals to reach their next level of performance while maintaining positive well-being and relationships. I offer all my coaching and trainings in German (Swiss) and English.

Everyone, at all levels within all organisations, has the ability to live an amazing, fully engaged and successful life.  We all want more of the good things that life has to offer and once in a while we just need that little push that takes us to the next level.

I am here to guide and cheer you on your journey!


Private Sessions

Personal 1:1 Coaching with each round incorporating 12 life transformational sessions that help you establish the top performers' habits. Delivered online, by phone or in person in German (Swiss) or English.

Group Sessions & Workshops

Group coaching and workshop training sessions for high performance corporate teams delivered online, by phone or in person in German (Swiss) or English.


Keynotes on personal and professional development topics delivered online and in person.



Free Strategy Call

More fulfillment in your life and the work you do. When we operate in this space, we thrive and achieve higher outcomes.


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