Now Is The Time To Hire a Chief Wellbeing Officer

The coronavirus pandemic has catapulted us all into an extraordinary situation and places high demands on leaders in business. Fear and uncertainty are omni present as we have to stay home to stay safe, with crippling effects on the economy. The absence of physical interaction and in-person connection between people combined with stress and anxiety easily leads to feelings of isolation and loneliness, even burnout.

Work-Life Balance, Gone
The line between personal and work life has always been blurred in the technology era and now with COVID-19 there is no line at all, work life and personal life are fully integrated like never before. It is important now more than ever to place employee well-being as an integral part of a company’s overall business strategy. Well-being plays a huge role in staying healthy and mentally sane, not only to strengthen the immune system but also to build resilience to bounce back easier from a crisis. People’s learning curve over the past few...

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